Baseball: The Perfect Diamond

Every single time I take in ball game, doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with, I am a 12-year-old boy on the lot again. That will never fade. Now I’m a 30-year-old man that places bets on what these young men will do almost night to night.

There are many things I took away from the game while playing when I was younger. It didn’t matter if the team was down by ten runs, you played your heart out until the very last out. Dirt in your face, back against the wall, sweaty palm in the glove. You do not give up ever, period.

The bases are the same distance. That never changes. How you get to the bases is different every time. People have goals, and each will be different. Some may take a little more out of you. Getting there is all that matters. Show some heart.

I always swung the bat with power. I wanted to destroy the ball. I struck out a lot. Also had many amazing moments as well. Get back in the box, clean slate. What happened before literally doesn’t matter. One huge swing can make a star-of-the-game out of someone.

I’m sure whatever sport a kid plays they will learn things about life and apply lessons taught in practices over the years to their life. Baseball is that for me. The diamond is the most imperfect perfect thing in the world.


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