Reds sweep, Frazier hits 16th HR, and Votto takes 3-ball walk.

Todd Frazier and BP both homered and helped the Reds come up big to complete a 3-game sweep of the Washington Nationals. The sweep is cool and all, but we all saw Joey Votto take first base on 3 balls.

No one on the field realized the count was 3-2 when Joey Votto took first. Many people were pointing out the mistake on social media. A statistician at the game mentioned it to a Reds spokesperson. The game continued on the field as if nothing had happened.

VIDEO: Joey Votto 3-ball Walk

No questions were asked to either manager after the game regarding the play, but video clearly shows only 3 balls pitched to Votto before he walks to first. This is the first sweep the Reds have had against the Nats since 2011

“Hitting is contagious,” Frazier said. “It is the same with hitting with runners in scoring position. It is a mindset. Let the pitches come to you and attack.”


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