LeBron and the Cavs express their inner Ohio Against The World, finish sweep of Hawks.

So much attention has been on LeBron James as “Akron’s Son” returned home this season. The Cavs starting PG, Irving, has played his part in this story of a team starting off bad but climbing to The Finals. This is the second time the Cavs have reached the The Finals, the last time LeBron was wearing the Cleveland colors in 2007.

James and Irving were both drafted No. 1. Irving was drafted to the black hole that was left in Cleveland after James took his talent to a beach somewhere nice. Irving faced all kinds of criticism. In Game 4 last night, the team needed the lift to close out the sweep, and Irving gave the team the offensive one-two punch. The Hawks couldn’t make the standing eight count.

Media has focused much on the relationship of James and Irving this season. Even going as far as asking Irving if James is a father figure to him. His response was that his dad is his father figure. Made me laugh. The Cavs are now four wins away from a title Cleveland has been dreaming of for years. 

A conference sweep to make it to The Finals in LeBron’s first season back. Irving appears to have a very bright future. These Finals should be a great one. Now if the Warriors can just knock off the Rockets and get this train rolling.


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