What in the hell happened to the Cincinnati Reds?

The Cincinnati Reds now sit at 18-26 on the season. I love the Reds, but this is ridiculously hard to watch. The team has lost their last 9 straight games. Not much seems to be working for them and there are no signs they’re going to turn the ship around.

There are 30 number 1 pitchers in baseball. However, most aren’t true number 1 material. The Reds have Cueto for now. With the struggles the team has been dealing with, you have to expect people to get dealt.

The Kansas City Royals could use a real number 1 starting pitcher, and they’re in a position to obtain just that. Cueto is a pitcher I would trust starting any games in the Postseason. And my biggest fear is not seeing him do that here in Cincinnati.

Until any changes happen, I’ll be here waiting on them.


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